Sunday, March 14, 2010

WWI Serbia / The Serbian Golgotha 1915/1916 / Srpska Golgota / "Where the Yellow Lemon Blooms" / "Gde Cveta Limun Zut"

A remarkable historical documentary, with a combination of historical and modern footage and actors, produced by Kosutnjak Film, tells the story of the amazing Serbian Golgotha of 1915/1916 during World War One. The film has been posted on YouTube in 11 parts. All 11 parts can be viewed below. The narration is in the Serbian language with English subtitles.


Kosutnjak Film presents...

Gde Cveta Limun Zut // Where the Yellow Lemon Blooms


Produced by:

Zoran Jankovic
Slobodan Terzic

Screenplay by

Milovan Vitezovic
Zdravko Shotra

Narrated by Dragan Nikolic

Part 1 of 11

Part 2 of 11

Part 3 of 11

Part 4 of 11

Part 5 of 11

Part 6 of 11

Part 7 of 11

Part 8 of 11

Part 9 of 11

Part 10 of 11

Part 11 of 11

The Conclusion of

"Where the Yellow Lemon Blooms"


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