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Mars na Drinu // March on the Drina

Note from Aleksandra:

One of the greatest patriotic songs of any people, anywhere, is "March on the Drina", a World War One song written by Serbian composer Stanislav Binicki. The Drina River runs through Serbia and Bosnia, and was the site of the Battle of Mt. Cer in August of 1914, a pivotal battle between the Serbs and the occupying Austro-Hungarian forces. The Serbs won the great battle of Cer and "March on the Drina" was written to honor the bravery of the fallen Serbian soldiers.

This was one of the very first songs I remember from my childhood and the video below, posted by "cveti007" on YouTube, includes a great version of the song, a photo slide show, and actual live film footage! You cannot help but feel deep national pride and patriotic passion upon listening to this timeless tribute to the military bravery so embedded in the soul of the Serbs.

If you are not Serbian, you will still enjoy it and be moved. Both the English and Serbian lyrics are included below.

Zivela Serbia!

Aleksandra Rebic


English Lyrics:

To battle, go forth you heroes,

Go on and don't regret your lives

May Cer see the front, may Cer hear the battle

and river Drina glory, courage

And heroic hand of father and son!

Sing, sing, Drina - of cold water,

Remember, and tell of the ones that fell,

Remember the brave front,

Which full of fire, mighty force

Expelled the foreigner from our dear river!

Sing, sing, Drina, tell the generations,

How we bravely fought,

The front sang, the battle was fought

Near cold water

Blood was flowing,

Blood was streaming

By the Drina for freedom!

Serbian Lyrics:

У бој, крените јунаци сви

Крен'те и не жал'те живот свој

Цер да чује твој, Цер нек види бој

А река Дрина славу храброст

И јуначку руку оца, сина.

Пој, пој Дрино, водо хладна ти

Памти, причај кад су падали

Памти храбри строј

Који је пун огња, силне снаге

Протерао туђина са реке наше драге.

Пој, пој Дрино, причај роду ми

Како смо се храбро борили

Певао је строј, војев'о се бој

Крај хладне воде

Крв је текла, крв се лила

Дрином због слободе.


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