Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Marsirala Kralja Petra Garda

Courtesy of koviljaca1. Thank you for posting this on You Tube!


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Anonymous said...

Your Blog is very interesting. Maybe in my case you have probably reached your Goal of "her hope is that through her writings she moves and inspires people to see things from a different perspective than they might be used to. "
I was looking up for information concerning my Family Name(gentilicium)that is Salazar (Most sources say it is a Basque last name) and unexpectedly found information About Tsar Lazar (Цар Лазар) which pronounced in spanish is almost identical. During my search I found too that one Tristan de Salazar , a French Bishop from XV century, had a coat of arms identical to the Serbian Flag, another unexpected coincidence.

Aleksandra said...

Dear "Salazar" - thank you for your comment. I'm going to forward your comment to linguist expert friend of mine who is absolutely brilliant regarding "names" and their origins, etc. Perhaps he can provide some insight.

Your comment is interesting - I always thought of "Salazar" as a "Spanish" name ("Basque"), so this is intriguing.

Unknown said...

My grandfather was very interested in linguistics and was convinced that there was some link between Serbs and Basques so it's very interesting to read your comment.