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Armistice Day 2009 marked in Serbia

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November 11, 2009

BELGRADE -- A ceremony for the anniversary of Armistice Day in World War I was held at the New Cemetery in Belgrade.

British, Russian, German and French ambassadors attend the ceremony (Beta)

The anniversary was organized with high state and military honors and the laying of wreaths at a memorial dedicated to the World War I liberators of Belgrade, and the ceremony was attended by Culture Minister Nebojša Bradich.

The minister noted in his address that on this day in 1918 World War I ended, adding that “the curtain fell on the butchering of many people, especially Serbs.”

91 years ago marked the end of a great bloodshed which threatened to exterminate us from this earth,” he said, adding that the heroics of the Serb army were "bordering on self-destructive" and that only “faith in ourselves and unity with our allies saved us from catastrophe”.

The Kingdom of Serbia fought the war on the side of the Allied Powers, and Bradich mentioned some of the most illustrious military leaders, such as Radomir Putnik, Stepa Stepanovich, Zivojin Misich, and Petar Bojovich.

The ceremony was attended by government and military officials and ambassadors and defense envoys from Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Was a ceremony for the anniversary of Armistice Day marked in Croatia & Albania? (JohnnySRB, 11 November 2009 19:50)

Or in the narco-terror stillborn entity that nobody wants? (milan, 12 November 2009 07:21)


A great victory of our Serbian army against our eternal enemies,the Germans,Austrians,Croatians and Albanians. Unfortunately our stupid politicians wasted this chance to create a Greater Serbia. But we will achieve it. (CG, 11 November 2009 20:48)

I agree with you. At the end of WWI Serbia should have created its own nation and since it was emerged victorious at WWI it could have Krajina,parts of Bosnia,Macedonia and entire Kosovo,but instead Serbia ended up joining the Kingdom of Croats and Slovenes which later became Yugoslavia, this was catastrophic move for Serbs to this day.Also I believe Constantinople should have been returned to Greece at the end of WWI (brazilskifarmer, 12 November 2009 01:56)


Aleksandra's Note:

The meaning of "Greater Serbia" has been grossly misrepresented throughout the decades (going back as far as the 19th century) as a pejorative for the purposes of deliberately misleading people about the objectives of the Serbs to establish a "Unified" state under which ALL Serbs of the former Yugoslavia are protected.

Because different groups of Serbs found themselves living in various (sometimes very unfriendly) locations in the former Yugoslavia, such as Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Voyvodina, Montenegro and Macedonia, they would often find themselves separated from Serbia proper (their "Piedmont") which was to their detriment.

"Greater Serbia" stands for one thing and one thing only: The unification of all the Serbs in all the Serbian lands under one flag. The best analogy that I can provide for the true motivation and intention and goal behind the desire to form a "Greater Serbia" is "The United States of America":

*Serbs living in different Serbian lands united and protected under one national flag.

*Americans living in different states united and protected under one national flag.


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