Saturday, December 12, 2009

The nature of the War that began in 1914 reveals itself: 'Death to all Serbs!'

"The war that began in 1914 and has been going on ever since revealed its nature to me through two experiences. Awkward young soldiers were being pelted with flowers by women and girls. The streets of Graz were full of excited people marching towards the Sudbahnhof. Their patriotism reeked of alcohol. Over and over came the roar: 'Death to all Serbs! Long live the Emperor! Down with the traitors!' Outside the station, in the middle of a knot of howling, screaming, insane people, a man was dragged to the ground, trampled upon, torn limb from limb. 'A Serbian spy!' someone called out. 'A Serbian spy!' went the cry from one mouth to another as the remains of a human being were retrieved from the murderous mob."

Ernst Fischer


From "Voices from the Great War" by Peter Vansittart 1984


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