Monday, March 29, 2010

Serbia, undaunted, is immortal!

Photo of Zlatibor by Katarina Stefanovic

SERBIA, valiant daughter of the Ages,

Happiness and light should be thy portion!

Yet thy day is dimmed, thine heart is heavy;

Long hast thou endured — a little longer

Bear thy burden, for a fair tomorrow

Soon will gleam upon thy flower-spread valleys,

Soon will brighten all thy shadowy mountains;

Soon will sparkle on thy foaming torrents

Rushing toward the world beyond thy rivers.

Bulgar, Turk and Magyar long assailed thee.

Now the Teuton's cruel band is on thee.

Though he break thy heart and rack thy body,

'Tis not his to crush thy lofty spirit.

Serbia cannot die. She lives immortal,

Serbia — all thy loyal men bring comfort

Fighting, fighting, and thy far-flung banner

Blazons to the world thy high endeavor,

 — This thy strife for brotherhood and freedom —

Like an air-free bird unknowing bondage,

Soaring far from carnage, smoke and tumult, Serbia

— thy soul shall live forever!

Serbia, undaunted, is immortal!

Helen Leah Reed

To complement the poetic tribute above, I wanted to share the slide show below which is composed of gorgeous photos of Serbia taken between May of 2004 and January of 2010 by Katarina Stefanovic which can be found on "Flickr".  To enlarge the photo slide show and view 'full screen', just click on the square comprised of four arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the image below. Enjoy!

Aleksandra Rebic


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