Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Serbian Commemorative Medal for the Albanian Retreat, 1915


"On replaced correct trifold ribbon. The medal was created on 5 April 1920 and awarded to all military who took part in the terrible retreat in the winter of 1915 through the mountains of Albania to Corfu. Faced with annihilation by Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian armies, the Serbian army, led by King Peter and Crown Prince Alexander, made an heroic retreat and was later to play a notable part in the breakout from Salonika that forced Bulgaria out of World War I. Its survival in 1915 and subsequent recovery was an important factor leading to the creation of Yugoslavia in 1918. The medal was made by Arthus Bertrand of Paris and is increasingly hard to find. A good example."

Note: This medal is available for purchase at the link below:



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