Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dedicating the 2010/2011 Holiday Season to remembering special instances of extraordinary Serbian heroism and fortitude

Serbian Cross
Photo by Cassily


They may test us and they will.

They may battle us and they will.

They may try to diminish us and they will,

But only for a time.

They may hurt us and they will.

They may betray us and they will.

They may try to break us,

But they will never.

Aleksandra Rebic

Serbian warrior with the flag of the Kingdom of Serbia
The Military Museum of Serbian history

Dear visitors to "Heroes of Serbia":

It strikes me as being the perfect time to revisit and remember episodes in Serbian history that are particularly remarkable for what they tell us about the human capacity for bravery, endurance, fortitude, and rising above one's circumstances and persevering.

Serbs are extraordinary people. It is my hope that the postings that follow will be testimony to that fact, and that their story will serve as an inspiration to anyone who still believes in the strength of the spirit to prevail over circumstance.


Aleksandra Rebic
December 1, 2010

Serbian double-headed eagle
"Breaking the shackles of chains"
Photo of painting courtesy of


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Mim B. said...

Thank you once again, Aleksandra, for your timely message. The flag the soldier is carrying still holds true today.... "With Faith in God."

I can just imagine your wonderful poem being recited as a Declamatcia someday.....