Sunday, December 19, 2010

Slavski Obicaji / The Christian customs and traditions of the Serbian celebration of "Slava" - the holy day of their Patron Saints / Film footage with music and narration in the Serbian language

Aleksandra's Note:  The Krsna Slava is a Christian holiday specific only to Serbs. It is the day of the family's Patron Saint. Each family has its own special day, and many Serbs throughout the world share the same patron Saint. Today, December 19th, is the Slava of Saint Nikola, a holiday shared and celebrated by Serbs the world over. It falls just before Christmas. The following presentation by Nenad Zivanovic is a wonderful tribute to the meaning of "Slava" and though it is narrated in the Serbian language, those who do not understand the words can still enjoy and appreciate the meaning behind the images and the beautiful music.


Aleksandra Rebic


Slavski Obicaji

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