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The story of Karageorge / Oldest preserved Serbian film 1911

From Alex M. in Belgrade:

"Kara-George" is the oldest preserved Serbian film from 1911 about the father of modern Serbia. This film has no sound. It was discovered in 2003 in Vienna, restored, and is now kept in the Museum of Yugoslav Documentary Films.

"Karadjordje" ili "Život i dela besmrtnog Vožda Karadjordja" je najstariji sačuvani srpski film iz 1911. godine. Pronadjen je 2003. godine u Beču. Restauriran je i danas se čuva u Muzeju jugoslovenske kinoteke. Nemi film.


Karadjordje (1911, Ilija Stanojevic-Cica, Serbia)

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"Život i dela besmrtnog vožda Karađorđa" (Serbian Cyrillic: "Живот и дела бесмртног вожда Карађорђа"; English: "The Life and Deeds of  the Immortal Karageorge" ("Black George") or simply "Karađorđe" (Карађорђе).  This is a 1911 silent film with the claim to fame of being the first Serbian feature film.

It was directed by Čiča Ilija Stanojević who also acted in it. This historical war film portrays the life of Karađorđe Petrović, leader of the First Serbian Uprising in 1804.  "Karađorđe" is an early and very rudimentary film, basically filmed theater.

Director: Ilija Stanojevic-Cica

Writer: Cira Manok

Stars: Jovan Antonijevic-Djedo, Teodora Arsenovic and Vitomir Bogic


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