Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vidovdan and Christianity - Remembering the Serbian sacrifice on June 28th.


Kosovska Devojka
The Kosovo Maiden

Aleksandra's Note:

Today, June 28, 2011, marks the anniversary
 of perhaps the most sacred day in Serbian history.
It can be said, too, that it is a sacred day in Christian history.

On this day, in 1389 on Kosovo field,
70,000 Serbian men, the entire Serbian Army,
gave its life to defend Christianity
against the onslaught of the Ottoman Turks and Islam.

They chose the "Heavenly Kingdom" over the earthly one.

For them, Christianity was worth fighting for.


Aleksandra Rebic


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Anonymous said...

I was born in Honduras and when I was still a teen-ager I read an article in an old Readers Digest about an English Nurse who volunteered to go to Serbia during World War I and since then I was always intrigued by that Country and the people. Later, I came to work to USA and had the joy of meeting a 3rd. generation Serbian American and have been able to learn even more about the Serbian Culture. I was very touched to find this site! Thanks Aleksandra!