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The crime that Serbia was guilty of in 1914.

A commemorative plaque and footprints in Sarajevo, Bosnia
 marking the place where Gavrilo Princip fired the historic shot
"on behalf of the Serbian people's
protest against tyranny and their centuries long desire to be free".

After the war in Bosnia began in 1992, the "footprints" were removed
 and this original tribute (because it represented "Serbian nationalism")
 was destroyed
and replaced with the following inscription
which changed the meaning of the original considerably:

Both photos courtesy of "Wikipedia Commons"

"The Austrian government was not much concerned to punish the crime of Sarajevo.

They wanted to punish a different crime - the crime
that Serbia committed
by existing as a free national state."

AJP Taylor

Europe - Grandeur and Decline (1967)

Aleksandra's Note:

Austria-Hungary was the "Polyglot Empire" (Empire of "many languages").
Nothing was a bigger threat to this Empire of 50 million people than the aspiration of "Nationalism" which burned in the hearts and souls of those "small" peoples who yearned to assert their own, free, nation-state and unify their peoples scattered throughout the Empire under one flag.  One of those peoples were the Serbs, and Austria-Hungary was deathly afraid of the Serbs and their aspirations. This fear manifested itself into hatred. The "national" yearning of the peoples of the Empire such as the Serbs did not have as its goal a phony, manufactured, falsely independent entity assuming the title of "country", nor the goal of subjugating others, but the very real goal of being independent according to rightful historical legacy and free according to rightful destiny and establishing a justified, legitimate nation-state at the expense of no one else.

The Sarajevo assassination of June 28, 1914 did not cause WWI.


Aleksandra Rebic


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