Friday, September 14, 2012

The great Salonika Front Breakthrough begins September 14, 1918 - The beginning of the end of World War One

Commemorative postage stamps honoring the Serbs, issued in 1998
for the 80th anniversary
of the great breakthrough on the Salonika Front in 1918
which ultimately led to the Allied Victory in World War One.

"Dawn broke soon after five o’clock, the peaks on his right pink with the rising sun; a strong east wind dispersed lingering mist; no clouds, no scent of rain in the air. Živojin Mišić was satisfied: H-Hour had come.  From his eyrie on the Floka [mountain] the Voyvoda sent a signal to battery commanders west of the Vardar: ‘Get going with 14 officers and 8 privates’; decoded, the message was for the guns to open up in two hours time,
at 8 A.M. on 14 September [1918]."

Alan Palmer
Victory 1918


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