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BBC re-writes world history: regurgitates proto-Nazi historiography‏ / J. P. MAHER, Professor Emeritus / January 29, 2013

Aleksandra's Note: For decades, Prof. J. P. Maher has been fighting the good fight. No one knows how to cut through all the lies, deceptions, and noise like he does. It is my privilege to call him "friend". He's taught me more than I will ever be able to remember, and his memory never ceases to amaze me. One of my first impressions of Peter Maher was that apart from being a warm, kind gentleman, he was brilliant. He understood and truly knew history without having fallen for all the smoke and mirrors that too many "historians" propagate, to the detriment of all the students of history who genuinely want to understand "what happened and why".

All these many years later, I'm pleased to report
that my first impression was spot on.

I treasure this man.


Aleksandra Rebic


J. P. Maher, PhD

"Gavrilo Princip "terrorist"? In the words of historian Barbara Tuchman, Princip and co-conspirators were patriots. They had no intention of destroying Austria-Hungary. It was Austria’s genocidal policy to annihilate Serbs in Bosnia and Serbia. In his trial Princip declared himself a Yugoslav nationalist who wished to unite all the peoples, Christian and Muslim, of Bosnia and expel the Austro-Hungarian invader in its land grab of former Ottoman-occupied Bosnia, Princip's native land. Kaiser Wilhelm pushed for an all-out war on "the Slavs". Great Britain was fully in support of Princip and his compatriots. But in 2013, history-illiterates at the BBC regurgitate proto-Nazi positions of Germany and Austria-Hungary in a hideous insult to the hundreds of thousands of brave British soldiers who fell fighting the precursors of Nazism."

J. P. Maher, Professor Emeritus

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