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There was no UN apology over Drina March song / "Tanjug" January 19, 2013

January 19, 2013

Photo: AP
NEW YORK - Martin Nesirsky, spokesperson for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, said on Friday Ban had only expressed regret that some people had been offended by the Drina March song, and that he had not apologized, as some media reported on Thursday.

The message of the concert was that of peace and reconciliation, and the secretary general is aware of the sensitivity of the subject, Nesirsky said at a press briefing at the UN headquarters.

When asked by Tanjug's U.S. correspondent if Ban apologized on Thursday for the song being performed at the New Year concert at the UN General Assembly, he responded he could only repreat his own statement from that day.

Ban said he regretted some people had found the song offensive, Nesirsky reiterated.

President of the UN General Assembly Vuk Jeremic commented on Ban's reaction by saying that the situation from Thursday was clarified on Friday.

Some media reported Ban had apologized for the song, Jeremic told Tanjug, adding that it was obviously not the case, as his spokesperson merely expressed regret that some people had found the song offensive.

There was no apology, because it would be an offence to the Serbian people, considering the significance they place on the song, Jeremic stated, adding he believed Ban would never allow himself such a thing.


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