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Why are no Allies paying attention to the Serbian WWI Battle of Tser victory?

Monument to the Battle of Tser victory of 1914 in Serbia.
Author of photo unknown at this time.

Aleksandra's Note: The following comments were posted on Free Republic by “Blogger DTA on the Free Republic forum”. The points DTA makes are well worth noting as we near the Centennial of the Great War.


Aleksandra Rebic


"Austro-Hungarian POWs brought typhus fever to Serbia. By the end of 1914, 200,000 Serbs were dead. The typhus fever tragedy continued into 1915. It was Austro-Hungarian WMD [Weapons of Mass Destruction] of the time.

"The Battle of Tser was the first Allied victory in WW1. It is interesting to note that no Allies are paying any attention to it.

"Perhaps it's because all the allies EXCEPT Serbia declared armistice with Germany and KUK.

"The WW1 victory was a pyrrhic victory for Serbia - 56% of the male population perished, and the industry and land were ravaged by Germany and Austria. Serbia never recovered.

"I could only imagine what kind of garbage and historical revisionism we will have to endure next year. The history of WW1 and its aftermath are reshuffled beyond recognition. It all started around 1976. By then, French books stopped mentioning the role of Serbia among the allies and gradually, the German/Austrian/Nazi view got a foothold. IMHO [In my humble opinion], it is not only an insult to the memory of the Serbs who perished, it is an insult to the memory of all Allied soldiers and seamen who fought in the Great War. The Germans and Austrians, precursors of the Nazis, won WW1 in the historical revisionism rematch."

Blogger DTA on the Free Republic forum


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