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Tomb of Serbian war hero and legend VOYVODA RADOMIR PUTNIK in Belgrade, Serbia - "From a Grateful Homeland"

Monument and Tomb honoring Voyvoda Radomir Putnik
"From a Grateful Homeland".
"New Cemetery" (Novo Groblje), Belgrade, Serbia.
Photo by Bosko Ozegovic 2013.
Aleksandra's Note:
One of Serbia's great wartime heroes and legends did not live to see the victorious end of World War One. Voyvoda Radomir Putnik was born in Kragujevac, Serbia on January 24, 1847 and died in Nice, France on May 17, 1917, never to see his homeland alive again. He was Field Marshal and Chief of the Serbian General Staff, and honorably participated in all of the wars that Serbia was engaged in between 1863 and 1917 - the Serbo-Turkish wars, the Serbo-Bulgarian War, the First and Second Balkan War, and the First World War.
In November 1926 Voyvoda Radomir Putnik's remains were transferred back to Serbia and buried in the New Cemetery (Novo Groblje) in Belgrade.
His epitaph reads:
"To Voyvoda Radomir Putnik
from a Grateful Homeland"
Radomir Putnik remains one of the eternal people
in the grand history of the Serbs.
Many thanks to
Serb patriot Bosko Ozegovic in Canada
for sharing these photos.
Aleksandra Rebic
Painting of Radomir Putnik 1915
by Mihailo Milovanovic
Портрет војводе Радомира Путника 1915
Михаило Миловановић
Tomb of Voyvoda Radomir Putnik by Bosko Ozegovic, 2013
Tomb of Voyvoda Radomir Putnik by Bosko Ozegovic, 2013
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