Monday, November 11, 2013

Armistice Day 2013 / Let us remember our great American ally Serbia and her Heroes as we thank the Veterans...

Aleksandra's Note:
As the world marks Armistice Day November 11, 2013 and pays tribute to the heroes of World War One and thanks all veterans everywhere who have fought for noble and righteous causes, let us remember our great American ally Serbia, who stood up to the enemy and prevailed at great cost and sacrifice to her nation, her soldiers, and her civilians. Serbia, through all her trials and tribulations in the Great War, remained steadfastly on the side of the victorious Allies, committed to a noble cause and determined to survive and flourish despite the great efforts of the bully oppressors to crush her forever. The Heroes of Serbia remain a shining example of the very best in humankind when humanity is tested to its limits.
Aleksandra Rebic

Фото захваљујући Урош Парезановић

Амблем празника - Наталијина рамонда
Serbia's symbol for Armistice Day November 11.
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