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Germany declares War on Russia August 1, 1914 and Austria's local war against Serbia is on its way to becoming the global Great War. / By Aleksandra Rebic

The Evening World headline on August 1, 1914 as
Germany declares war on Russia.
Aleksandra's Note:
Following Austria's declaration of war and subsequent attack on the Kingdom of Serbia July 28, 1914, Russia ordered a partial mobilization of her troops on July 29. This was done both in support of the Orthodox Serbians and to maintain Russia's influence in the Balkans.
The very next day, July 30, Germany mobilized. Russia responded immediately by declaring a full mobilization instead of just a partial one, and this full mobilization was to take effect on July 31, 1914.
Germany didn't like that. She ordered Russia to demobilize immediately, via a German ultimatum sent to the Russian ambassador in Berlin, giving Russia 12 hours to comply with the order. Otherwise, there would be war.
Russia offered to negotiate the terms of the ordered demobilization with Germany, which was a reasonable response.
Germany refused to negotiate. She wanted all or nothing, on her terms.
She followed up this refusal by following through with her threats.
Germany declared war on Russia August 1, 1914.
Austria's "local" war against Serbia, begun just a few days earlier that fateful summer, was now on its way to turning global. Only a few more days, and the world would be engulfed in a war of proportions never before seen in the history of mankind.
Aleksandra Rebic
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