Thursday, August 14, 2014

Miroslav Svirčević, 1970-2014 / One of Serbia's best and brightest says good-bye, but his valuable contributions remain with us. / By Aleksandra Rebic

Miroslav Svircevic with Serbian Flag in 2014.
Photo courtesy of Miroslav's Facebook page.

Aleksandra's Note: On Monday morning, August 11, 2014, we received word that Miroslav Svircevic, a true Serbian patriot and one of Serbia's most prolific historians, had died in Belgrade. He was only 43 years old. The shock of this news spread through the Serbian Facebook community like wildfire, leaving all of us who had the privilege of knowing Miroslav, whether through social media or in person, gutted. My very first reaction was "NO!" But, alas, it was indeed true.

The Cato Institute, The Institute for Balkan Studies, and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) were just part of his extensive resume. Miroslav Svircevic was a true academic in the best sense of the word. He was a scholar and a gentleman.

I'd only been acquainted with Miroslav for a few years but felt like he had been a friend for a long time. I was always so impressed with his vast knowledge, his ability to finish and publish various important and valuable scholarly papers and books and to present them to audiences both in and outside of his country, his passion for history, his dedication to his country of Serbia, and his gentle soul.

His contributions will remain with us, even though his life here on earth has ended. He left behind a great body of work that will remain immortal. And future generations will benefit from it. Although he died far too young, with much work still left to do, that is the solace that we can find in his passing.

Miroslav was a huge Beatles fan. His home away from home was Liverpool in England, the "birthplace" of the Beatles, and though he traveled extensively, I suspect that Liverpool was his very favorite place of all.

He periodically shared with me his hopes and plans for visiting Chicago in the future and how great it would be when we finally had the chance to meet in person. I really looked forward to it.

Now, Miroslav, you can go anywhere you want to. Please give my regards to John Lennon, my favorite Beatle.

I'll miss you, my friend. As will so many others. You were not only respected and appreciated, you were truly loved.

Aleksandra Rebic
August 2014.


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