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Protest letter sent to Russian Television (RT) from Rome, Italy regarding WWI Centennial coverage and omission of Serbia and Montenegro / Marco Matta August 6, 2014

Marco Matta
Protest letter sent to Russian Television (RT) from Rome, Italy regarding WWI Centennial coverage and omission of Serbia and Montenegro /  Marco Matta August 6, 2014
From Marco on Facebook:
"I wish to share with all my Serb friends worldwide the protest mail that I sent RT over the report they aired since this morning about WW1 and Russia's role. Since they said and wrote "Russia: all alone on the eastern front", I wrote the following. If any of you feels that I wasn't harsh enough, please let me know and of course I also welcome any correction about the facts that I cited. Thank you...."
E-mail sent to:
"I am a very loyal RT viewer but today once again I was very angry as you insulted once more the Serbs, a people who always looked at Russians as friends (and at times they got no tangible help like for example in WW2 when nobody liberated Jasenovac or in 1999 when Russia should have taken over the airport in Pristina on June 10, 1999 to protect the Serbs of the province of Kosovo and Metohija from the Western terrorists and from the Albanian terrorists).
I first watched your report on the eastern front of WW1 and Russia's role at 10:30 am Rome time on August 6, 2014.
You listed Russia, France and Great Britain on one side but no Serbia and no Montenegro!? What? Why?
Of course Montenegro is historically a Serb land and will always be but both totally deserved to be mentioned!!!
And here's why: the eastern front encompassed the Danube and went all the way down to Macedonia.....and at the end of WW1 in 1918, the capital of the Kingdom of Serbia was.....Skoplje (today the capital of Macedonia)!!!
The Serbs were so involved (their biggest wins in 1914 were of course the Battle on Mount Cer and the Battle of Kolubara) that their glorius Army started with about 450.000 people but had only around 100.000 by the end of the war
PS: The win on Mount Cer by the Serbs on 24 August 1914 [August 19, 2014] was the first win of WW1 for the Allies! You did not mention that!!!!!
Moreover, the Serbs had in WW1 as well the highest percentage loss of its male population of any country on earth!
The same happened to them in WW2 when they lost a total of 1.607.000 men or 16,25% of the entire male population of Yugoslavia, the highest loss in percentage of the male population of any country on earth!
In WW1, the Serbs lost in all more than 1.100.000 people (army losses and civilian losses combined) or in other words over 27% of their overall population and more than 60% of their male population!!!!
In 1924, the Yugoslav government (as usual with the Serbs) was so good that it managed to tally the exact number of all the certain deaths (among Serb soldiers): 265.164.
That number was certain and it was equivalent to almost 25% of all the people lost by the Serbian people during the entire four years of WW1 by the Kingdom of Serbia!!!
As an example, because of the ferocity of Austria-Hungary, only in BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina) only between 1914 and 1917 a total of 100.986 Serb children under 10 years of age were killed!!!!!
In short, I have alerted all my Serb friends worldwide through Facebook and Twitter about your major mistake and I am asking you to issue an apology to the entire Serbian people online and on the air.
Thank you.
Mr. Marco Matta
Rome, Italy
August 6, 2014
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