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Serbia's Allied contributions during World War I provide a lesson / Dr. Michael Pravica August 25, 2014

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Dr. Michael Pravica
August 25, 2014

Dr. Michael Pravica
Associate Professor of Physics
University of Nevada
Thank you for publishing the Travel feature “Serbian Mountain Sacred Site of First Allies World War I Victory” (Aug. 17, 2014). Serbia lost more than half of her male population fighting and successfully repelling the Austro-Hungarian invasion in 1914 and then fighting alongside the Allied forces during World War I after Germany intervened on behalf of Austria. Many techniques such as burying and hiding military hardware (e.g., artillery pieces) and ammunition during retreat, only to be recovered in later counteroffensives, are still used to this day.

No nation suffered more than Serbia during this horrible “war to end all wars,” yet despite this, Serbia showed the world how to resist empires and ultimately destroy them.

Today, we find ourselves sadly in a similar situation as history is more or less repeating itself in a polarized world of unfair economic “haves” and “have nots” and in a bizarre and undemocratic condition where corporations have more power than entire nations via globalism.

It would behoove many of our leaders to revisit the amazing history of Serbia’s contributions to the World War I Allied victory not only to remember that Serbia was one of our staunchest allies (something our politicians have all but forgotten) but also to learn the lessons garnered from this then-unprecedented conflict so that we can prevent our leaders from sleepwalking into the third world war.

Henderson, Nevada

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