Sunday, February 1, 2015

"1300 CORPORALS" - A symbol of Serbian sacrifice in WWI for the freedom of their country and the people.

"1300 corporals is the name for the not fully trained officers who were sent to reinforce the First Serbian Army in the Battle of Kolubara in the First World War. The young boys from this unit were supposed to be the intellectual cream of Serbia in the years to come. At the beginning of the war, many young men, both from Serbia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, had left school and joined the army. Although their training was not completed, the turn of events forced the supreme command to send them into battle. Young men got the ranks of corporal (hence the name) prematurely, and they were immediately sent to Kolubara and Suvobor. The Serbian army then achieved one of the most brilliant victories in the First World War, led by Živojin Mišić. 1300 Corporals is a symbol of sacrifice for the freedom of their country and the people."

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