Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Serbia helps the Russian White Émigrés post WWI and the Russians return the favor / Russian-Serbian Allies honored in 2015 Easter Card by Rostislav Polchaninoff

2015 Easter Card by Rostislav Polchaninoff
"This is a beautiful 1921 poster of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croatians and Solvenes - the Future Yugoslavia, the only country of all the "Allies" that welcomed the White Émigrés, paid the Russian soldiers a pension, and remembered that Russia went to War in WW I to help brother Serbia. In turn, the many professionals among the White Émigrés helped rebuild the post-war devastated Kingdom."
"Description of the Easter Greeting Card above,
designed by Mr. Rostislav Polchaninoff,
historian and writer, as well as a collector of numismatics.
He spent his youth in pre-WW II Yugoslavia, was educated in Belgrade University (law) and is currently finishing his book of memoirs devoted to that period."
Contributing designer of the Easter Card is his daughter,
 Ms. Ludmila Selinsky,
member of the Russian Nobility Association in America (RNA)
and the editor of its bilingual Newsletter.
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