Monday, June 6, 2016

Irishman Marc Keating walks 2 million steps [2,000 kilometers through Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, on his way to Corfu] to raise 24,000 euros for Serbian children suffering from cancer / "Britić - The British Serb magazine" June 3, 2016

Britić - The British Serb magazine
Vesna Rizova
June 3, 2016

Vesna Rizova writes about Marc Keating who walked 2,000 kilometers to raise money for children suffering from cancer in Serbia.

HUMANITY IN ACTION Irishman Marc Keating collected 24,000 euros for children suffering from cancer. The Institute of Oncology today received 10 Infusomats, large volume infusion pumps to offer children with cancer hope for a better tomorrow.

Peter Bailey from England donated four Infusomats. Noble Irishman with his dog Paja, started on 31 August in a long walk 2,000 kilometers to raise money for the children’s ward of the Clinic of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia.

Marc has walked 1,980 kilometers, exactly 2,000,450 steps through Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania on his way to Corfu. The symbolism is even more significant because his great-grandfather fought on the same front with the Serbian army. His wife’s grandfather, Dobrosav Petrovic survived the Great Serbian Retreat of 1915.

Vesna runs the British – Serbian Friendship group on facebook, click here.

Read more about Marc in the Irish Times.


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Wonderful effort and cause. God bless all who gave him strength.